A Well Rounded Orange County Accountant

Having a good Orange County accountant as part of your staff can be the difference between running an efficient business and running an inefficient one. Orange County accountant Kaylene Spangler has been working as an Orange County accountant for over 25 years and has seen both good and bad accounting in many different types of companies and scenarios. As such she knows what works and what doesn’t for every company that she’s employed with, which in turn allows her to develop a plan of action for every task she’s faced with.

Orange County accountant Kaylene Spangler is available to businesses both small and large and she’s regularly employed as both a full and part time accountant. “Not every business needs a full time accountant, not every business budget allows for one and sometimes a business just needs an extra set of hands to clean up a mess, and that’s where I come in” says Orange County accountant Kaylene Spangler. This open minded approach to business has allowed Kaylene to step in and step out as needed without high costs to those who hire her.

As an Orange County accountant Kaylene Spangler offers the following services:

  • Part-time CFO services
  • Remote controllership
  • Internal controls
  • Fraud prevention
  • Set-up checks & balance in procedures
  • Evaluate productivity
  • Chart of Account set-up
  • Training
  • Property tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Customized reports & graphs for sales, expenses, trends, etc.

If your business is in need of any of these services on either a full or part time basis please contact Kaylene Spangler for additional details and rates. You may also visit her Orange County accounting website for more information.

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