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There are a large number of reasons companies both large and small hire an Orange County accountant however the needs of each business vary greatly and demand as well as company budget will determine exactly what type of accountant is hired. Businesses located in Orange County and throughout Southern California should take note however that there is indeed an Orange County accountant available who’s capable to tackle whatever is asked of her.

Orange County accountant Kaylene Spangler is that person. With over 25 years experience under her belt there’s little she hasn’t seen or taken care of. Any individual or business who hires Kaylene can rest easy knowing they have the best working for them. Whether your business is large, mid sized, or even small, Kaylene offers services that you will find useful. Even those businesses or individuals looking only for a part time or freelance Orange County accountant will find that the services offered by Kaylene are both agreeable and affordable.

As your Orange County accountant Kaylene offers the following services:

Part-time CFO services – Looking for someone to handle your Orange County accounting needs but on a part time basis? Kaylene is adept at stepping in and taking the reigns for both companies and individuals who need a little help. When it comes to accounting a little help goes a long way.

Training – Companies just getting off the ground are often in need of trainers, be them full time employee’s, or part timers. When dealing with Orange County accounting excellence in training is a necessity not an option. Records and finances must be accurate and hiring Kaylene to train your accounting staff will help ensure that your business starts off right.

Fraud prevention – Unfortunately fraud can occur anywhere, anytime, and within any business. Kaylene’s 25 plus years of Orange County accounting experience has taught her many things and given her a keen eye for things that look and feel out of place. That’s why hiring Kaylene to help your accounting department with fraud prevention means you’ll have the best in the south land looking after your finances.

Many Other Orange County Accounting Services – The aforementioned services are just a few of the services Kaylene offers her clients. For a complete list of her Orange County accounting services please visit her website. You may also contact Kaylene directly if you find you have questions about her services.

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