What Are Clients Saying About Orange County Accountant Kaylene Spangler?

Orange County Accountant Kaylene Spanlger has enjoyed great success over her 25 years of working with both individuals and businesses for a number of different reasons. One reason she’s been so successful as an Orange County accountant is that through her part time services she saves businesses quite a bit of money, negating the need to hire a full time Accountant. Kaylene’s services are also popular because she offers a number of services that deal with the training of new accounting staff, bookkeeping and most important of all, her communication skills, and the accuracy with which she gets the job done. Many clients have descibed the Orange County Accountant as the most reliable and dependable accountant in all of Southern California. Kaylene’s reputation as an Orange County Accountant has become so solid that she enjoys repeat business and new business by referal more than anything else.

If you’re looking for an Orange County Accountant to help you with your business, prepare your taxes, or train new staff, Kaylene Spangler is the Accountant you’ve been waiting for. Before you contact Kaylene however take some time to see what clients have said about her.

Read What Others Say About My Services:

“On behalf of Wertz & Company, LLP, please let me express to you our gratitude in relation to the outstanding services that you have provided and continue to provide our clients. Your professionalism, accounting skills, communication skills, matched with your entrepreneurial drive to get jobs done in an accurately and timely manner have greatly enhanced how our clients feel about Wertz & Company.

I look forward to working with you and your new company to an even greater extent in the future. Rest assured that we will be calling you soon.”

Russ Wertz,
Wertz & Company
Phn: 949-756-5000
Fax: 949-756-1618


“I was the managing partner of a 40 attorney law firm in Orange County and worked closely with Kaylene Spangler as the Controller. I’ve known her for over 15 years and worked with her for ten of those years. She brings integrity and honesty to her work ethic and is extremely thorough, accurate and organized in all that she does. She handled our Accounts Payable and Payroll and led a staff of billing clerks that cut our monthly billing cycle by 20 days (from 40 days down to 20) while at the same time reducing the number of clerks. She kept our general ledger and financial statements always current and created presentation quality reports (a binder full) each year for our annual retreat so the partners and I could evaluate our business’ history and projections for the future. I would recommend her for all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.”

Marc J. Feinstein, attorney at law
Feinstein Law Office
Phn: 949-250-0025

If you have questions and/or would like to speak with Kaylene, please don’t hesitate to contact her. You can also obtain more information about her services by visiting her Orange County Accounting website.

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