Orange County Accounting Tips: Organizing Your Financial Records

Organizing your financial documents is extremely important for a number of different reasons. It is especially important if you have never worked with an Orange County accountant or you don’t ever plan to work with one. Organizing financial documents isn’t as difficult as it might seem though in the beginning the task may appear insurmountable.

Organizing your financial documents is important because your family deserves not to have to worry about finances should anything happen to you. Should something ever happen to you giving your family the peace of mind they need in knowing where all of your money is can help them deal with a difficult situation in what could be the most stressful and emotionally trying time of their lives. If others depend on you make sure your loved ones are able to carry on in your absence. You can help them carry on by making sure your financial documents are organized, easy to find and easy to read.

Of course working with an Orange County accountant to organize your financial records is the path that you should choose first but if that’s not an option due to cost or time then you’ll need to make due on your own. If you were to pass away and you were the breadwinner of your family having your financial documents in folders, and huge stacks and piles of paper, and the notes found the back of envelopes, your family is going to have an extremely difficult time making sense of things. Furthermore your sudden departure or absence is going to make sorting these documents all the more difficult.

Financial Items to Document

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Passwords
  • Contact information for any important professionals in your life
  • Tax information
  • Sources of income
  • Social Security information
  • Pension information
  • Investment information
  • Life insurance information

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