Orange County Bookkeeping & Its Invaluable Place In Business

If you’re a business owner or operator then you know just how valuable the services of an Orange County bookkeeper can be. In order for things to function properly books need to be kept properly and records need to be up to date and in order. Businesses that either go without or employ an inexperienced Orange County bookkeeper often develop problems with clients, employees, and in general are a mess behind the scenes. Finances must be kept in order and accurately if a business is to survive.

While some businesses may need only the services of a part time or freelance Orange County bookkeeper others may need someone to tackle large projects and get disorganized books and records back in order. In either case your best bet is going to be to employ the services of Orange County bookkeeper. I bring over 25 years experience to every job I handle which means you’re getting the best Orange County has to offer.

My Orange County Bookkeeping Services:

  • Invoice your customers
  • Create aging reports
  • Print monthly statements or reminders
  • Enter invoices from vendors
  • Pay bills
  • Create cash requirements reports
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Cash Flow projections
  • Manage debit transactions
  • Write paychecks
  • Set up and initiate direct deposits
  • Process payroll tax payments
  • Process garnishment orders
  • Complete quarterly payroll tax returns
  • Year-end W-2’s and 1099’s
  • Workers’ Compensation reports for premium payments
  • Set-up customers and jobs for job-costing
  • Record costs by job
  • Create reports for work-in-process
  • Set-up and analyze budgets
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Fixed assets and depreciation
  • Coordinate with outside CPA for completion of tax returns

Whether you just don’t have time to do it yourself or are in need of an additional hand in organizing your businesses books, hiring me as your Orange County bookkeeper means that the job will be done swiftly and accurately.

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