Orange County Accounting Tips: Changing Payroll Service Providers

Not all payroll services or companies provide the same services nor equal services. Moreover there are a number of them out there which are capable of frustrating companies both large and small. As an Orange County accountant I can tell you that while it’s wise to switch to another payroll service or even to an individual such as myself when you’re tired of poor service, there are several things you need to have in order before you make that move.

  • Payroll records: Be sure to have all of your payroll records handy and in order before switching because your new company or personal Orange County accountant will need to see them.
  • Tax payments and filings: Make certain your current service provider will pay all your outstanding taxes and file any forms because the new service provider will not assume liability of what your prior service provider did.
  • Cancellation of service: Never cancel your service with your previous payroll provider until your new Orange County accountant or service provider has completed their setup process. Canceling prior to this can cause a company to lose control of its payroll rather quickly which is both costly to the business and to its employees.
  • New quarter or new year: I advise anyone looking to change payroll providers to wait either for the beginning of a new quarter or the new year. This is advisable because it provides businesses and the new service provider or accountant with a clean start. It will make it easier for year-to-date wages and W-2 purposes as well.
  • Customer service: Before you select a new payroll service provider or an accountant it’s a good idea to make sure that they either have live people answering the phones or that the individual account you’re interested in readily available for help when you need it.
  • Local versus national: There are advantages and disadvantages in selecting both local and national payroll providers. Be sure that prior to your selection that you have spent considerable time researching all the pros and cons as well as the company or accountant you’re interested in.

There are quite a number of other things to consider as well when you’re looking to change payroll service providers or hire an Orange County accountant to assist with that. For information regarding my payroll services or any of the aforementioned advice please do not hesitate to contact me!

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